The Church of Gran Madre di Dio

Great Mother of God
Chiesa della Gran Madre

Commissioned in 1814 to celebrate Vittorio Emanuele I returning to Turin, it was built up in 1818 by Ferdinando Bonsignori and finished in 1831.

It is preceded by a large stair and a hexastyle pronaos with entablature and gable. Between 1933 and 1940 it was subject to some changes on the occasion of the arrangement of the Ossuary of the Fallen in the Great War.

At the foot of the stair the monument to Vittorio Emanuele I by Giuseppe Gaggini stands, together with the Statues of Religion and Faith by Carlo Chielli.

The two statues picturing Faith and Religion and standing on the sides of the stair leading to the entrance are by Carlo Chielli from Carrara.

The inside has a circular plan and the dome is inspired by the Pantheon in Rome and by the Madeleine Church in Paris.

Gran Madre di Dio
The church hosts the statues of St Maurice, of Blessed Margherita of Savoy, of Blessed Amedeo of Savoy, of St John the Baptist and works like “La Vergine col Bambino” (The Virgin with infant Jesus) and “Il Crocifisso” (The Crucyfied) and “Il Sacro Cuore di Gesù” (The Sacred Heart of Jesus) by Edoardo Rubino.

According to legend it is in the vault of this church that the Holy Grail lies.

This placed is beloved by esotericism fans, but also by tourists, who appreciate its soberness and its closeness to the river.

Statua della Religione

Statua della Fede

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